Jim. July, 2005 on the Island of Nevis  JBS Partners focuses on partnering. We work with colleagues and customers to move our customers forward on the Internet.

This can be through web site development, domain name brokering, merchant services, providing the creative for a new brochure or providing consulting services related to your on-line presence.

We work with small to medium sized entities, ranging from the expert working from home to to larger businesses with dozens of employees and millions of dollars in revenue.

We started from humble beginnings, first providing a hosting software package. Our clients have drawn us into a broader range of services over the years, which is a result of our willingness to say, “yes we can do that”. This same attitude keeps things very interesting for us.

We look for a good fit between the client and JBS Partners. People that we like to work with are in industries that are not objectionable to anyone, have a genuine need that we can fulfill, are willing and cooperative, like learning or trusting us and have a motivation and ability to move forward.

Our clients tend to be self described as non-technical, and proud of it. We are happy to explain and educate throughout our engagement.

Many of our clients have existing businesses and feel that the Internet is a viable tool to help move their business forward. We agree and have success stories we would love to share with you.

Please contact us to see how we might start partnering. 781-640-8874


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