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How do you inadvertantly move your blog navigation to the bottom of the page?

February 15, 2007

Well, that is a question that I don’t know the answer to. Twice now I have had to edit a blog entry because after the entry was posted the left navigation was suddenly at the bottom of the blog, instead of on the left.

I think that the post formatting is effecting the blog formatting.

To fix this problem, I copied the text to notepad and removed the html div tags.

Posting it back on the blog, it looked marvelous.

If you know what kind of formatting a blogger can do to cause this, please let me know.


Centering Text in a WordPress post

January 29, 2007

This text is not centered.

This text is centered.

Here is the html view

This text is not centered.
<p align=”center”>This text is centered.</p>

Putting links in your blog post

January 16, 2007

How do I add a link to my web site design web site from this blog?

I just typed in, highlighted the text, hit Alt a and entered information into three fields and published it. The result is a beautiful link to my web site.

First Post

December 31, 2006

Well, the fun thing about working in technology is trying to keep up. Blogs are no longer cutting edge, but they have their audience and their purpose. So, I am here, mostly for my clients and because of my clients. They want blogs. I offer blogs. Partners often make decisions with some hesitency and compromise involved. There is no doubt about the value of a blog, but do I really have time to post regularly. Time will tell.